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Read these important assembly instructions before starting!

Also make sure you've read the General Instructions first.

Step 1 Cut out the base of the car (part number 2) leaving about 5 mm (1/4 inch) margin around the edge of the part.

Step 2 Find a piece of cardboard slightly larger than the part you just cut out. It can be thick, smooth and stiff, so avoid corrugated cardboard. The cardboard will stiffen the base of the model and ensure that it is straight. Glue the part from step 1 to the cardboard. When it is dry, cut out around the edge of the part (cutting off the margin you left earlier).

Step 3 Before cutting out, score the main body (part number 1) at each place indicated by the arrows, as well as at the base of flaps D.

Step 4 Cut out the main body. It is best to start by cutting out the two holes in the roof where the air conditioning units will fit.

Step 5 Mark the folds on the main body. All folds are "peak" folds (as opposed to "valley" folds), except for the folds between flaps A and A' as well as B and B'. Later, but not quite yet, A will be glued onto A' and B onto B'. Another exception are the folds next to flaps D, which will look as in figure 1 below.

Step 6 Score parts 3, the roof-mounted air conditioning units.

Step 7 Cut out parts 3 and mark the folds.

Step 8 Apply a small amount of glue to flap C (glue one flap at a time). Glue it into the car body, part 1, such that the red arrow is pointed to the end of the car as shown in figure 1 below.

Step 9 Working from the inside of the model, apply glue to flaps D and press them against the inside of part 3 to obtain the result shown in figure 1 below.

Figure 1 Fit of part 3 (air conditioner) into roof of part 1.

Step 10 Repeat for the second air conditioning unit at the other end of the car.

Step 11 Apply a thin, even coat of glue to the reverse side of flap A on part 1 (NOT the printed side!!) and glue flap A on top of Part 2 (the base) such that the green and blue marks line up. This alignment is important to ensure that your model is straight and square, so take your time to get it right. In fact, it's best to try it first without glue. See figure 2 below.

Figure 2 Cross-section of the model, showing the fit of flaps A and B.

Step 12 Repeat the last step with flap B, again using the blue and green alignment marks for reference.

Step 13 Once the assembly is dry, apply a small but even amount of glue to flap A'. Using your finger to apply pressure from the inside of the model, press flap A' onto flap A, as shown in figure 3 below.

Figure 3 Cross-section, showing the fit of flaps A' and B'.

Step 14 Repeat on the other side: glue flap B' to flap B.

Step 15 Score all folds on part 4, the car end and bogie, at the places indicated by arrows. Also score the red line on this part. As usual, do this before you cut out the part.

Step 16 Cut out part 4. Also cut on the black lines up to the ends of the red line, so that the car end can fold on the red line. Mark all folds.

Step 17 Spread glue evenly on the reverse side of the wheels, so that the wheels become folded and glued back-to-back as shown in the cross-section at right in figure 4 below.

Figure 4 bogie and car end assembly, with cross-section at right.

Step 18 Once the glue has dried, carefully cut out around the contour of the wheels, shown as blue lines in figure 4 above.

Step 19 Cut out a small piece of cardboard to the size of the white area marked "Glue Cardboard Here". Glue this piece of cardboard to that spot. This part is shown in gray in figure 4 above.

Step 20 Glue flaps H to form the ends of the bogie box. Part 4 should look like figure 4 above when you are done assembling it.

Step 21 Glue flap E to the inside of the roof of part 1, so that the car end becomes attached to the car body.

Step 22 Glue flaps F to the car sides one by one, followed by flaps G. As you do this verify the exact alignment of the flaps: the belt line (widest point) of the car body should align with the horizontal gray lines on the car ends, as shown in figure 5 below.

Figure 5 fit of bogie into car body.

Step 23 Glue part 4 onto the bottom of the car as shown by the red arrow in figure 5 above. Make sure everything is aligned straight and square.

Step 24 Repeat for the other end of the car.

This completes the assembly of your Acela car.

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