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Duewag GT8ZR No. 907 on route 98 at Male Garbary, Poznan, Poland, 23.11.2022. Even though the old class GT8 was officially withdrawn from the streets of Poznan in November 2019, some of the historic trams of this type are still in regular service! This is because most of Poznan's bidirectional Moderus Beta and Moderus Gamma trams have been shifted to operate on a new line to the Naramowice district, not finished with a traditional end loop, and that the carrier faces serious rolling stock problems on the temporary shuttle lines in the city centre. Since I moved out of Poznan some three years ago, the operator has not purchased any new trams, especially bidirectional ones, so it has no option but to make up for its rolling stock shortages with very old vehicles.

Photo by Michal Kozicki (