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RXP_Amersfoort.jpg (148215 bytes)

RXP - The Netherlands
A "living railway museum" seen in Amersfoort. An East German V60D, Dutch class 1600, Belgian Reeks 62, and Dutch class mP mail motor car. All withdrawn by the operators that ordered them. But still operational and used by RXP (nrs. 6004, 9903 and 4673) or preserved by 2454 Crew (mP nr. 3029).
Amersfoort, 01-04-2022

Digital photo by Marco van Uden

RFO_193627_Amersfoort.jpg (148071 bytes)

RFO - The Netherlands
This freight train caught me by surprise...
Siemens Vectron electric locomotive 193 627 in service for Rail Force One and in Raillogix livery, passes through Amersfoort with an eastbound intermodal train.
Amersfoort, 05-04-2022

Digital photo by Marco van Uden

ET42-005r.jpg (148663 bytes)

PKP Cargo ET42-005 with a long train of open wagons is seen standing in Rebiszow, Poland, 05.04.2022.

Photo by Michal Kozicki (