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DB_6442_Amersfoort.jpg (153671 bytes)

DB Cargo - The Netherlands
Diesel locomotive 6442 hauls a long train with new vans, cars and car parts from Amersfoort station towards Leusden (Pon Logistics B.V.).
Amersfoort, 07-03-2022

Digital photo by Marco van Uden

2454CREW_mP3029_Amersfoort3.jpg (148373 bytes)

Stichting 2454 CREW - The Netherlands
Electric mail motor car mP 3029 had been beautifully restored by Stichting 2454 CREW in the latest livery before the class was withdrawn. The National Railway Museum owns (also operational) mP 3031 in the original brown livery.
mP 3029 is seen stabled in Amersfoort.
Amersfoort, 02-03-2022

Photo by Marco van Uden

ET22-892r.jpg (152718 bytes)

PKP Cargo ET22-892 and 891 are leaving Rebiszow, Poland, 07.03.2022.

Photo by Michal Kozicki (