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605-501-mt.jpg (39796 bytes)

DB ICE Class 605 Diesel Multiple Unit.
ICE diesel set with unit 605 501-6 (1st class accommodation) on the rear at Hof with train ICE1565 (06:37 Nürnberg -Chemnitz) on Thursday September 19th, 2002. This train has a 12 minute station stop and normally runs through to Dresden but the service was truncated due to damage caused by the August Floods.

Photo by Michael Taylor, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. (


605000cs.jpg (100447 bytes)

An ICE-TD tilting-train of class 605 passed the station of Hersbruck during the 125th anniversary of Pegnitztalbahn party on July 13th, 2002.

Photo by Christian Splittgerber (

605006a.jpg (129105 bytes)

605006 am 11.04.2011 in Berlin Hauptbahnhof

Photo by Juergen Maier (

605016Hbf.jpg (150120 bytes)

605016 auf dem Weg nach Norden (12.08.).

Photo by Juergen Maier (

605019Hbf.jpg (143392 bytes)

605019 auf dem Weg nach Norden (12.08.).

Photo by Juergen Maier (

605516Hbf.jpg (142797 bytes)

605516 auf dem Weg nach Norden (12.08.).

Photo by Juergen Maier (

605_DFR.jpg (83650 bytes)

The morning ICE 1565 "Georgius Agricola" from Hof to Dresden, consisting of two units of class 605, stops briefly in Freiberg (Sachsen). 2001-09-30.

Photo: tobias b köhler

605bogie.jpg (118848 bytes)

Powered tilting bogie of class 605, the diesel-electric version of the ICT, by Siemens, at Innotrans 1998, Berlin. The first commercial application of a new tilting principle. In the background you see the 152 030-3, a class 202 rebuilt by Adtranz for a private railway and a rebuilt regional car "PumA".

Photo: tobias b köhler

605la1.jpg (105355 bytes)

A special train consisting of two class 605 DMUs passes a Dutch level crossing at Landgraaf (on the line Heerlen-Aachen) on the way from Amsterdam to Aachen in the evening of 13 June 2007.

Digital photo by Christoph Schmitz (

DBAG605_Hof.jpg (102848 bytes)

DBAG - Germany
Although withdrawn from service, many tilting diesel ICE trainsets class 605 could be found around the station in Hof. It looked like some were used or being prepared for test runs. Hof, 23-02-2004

Digital photo by Marco van Uden

ER10-DE-13.jpg (124242 bytes)

Hamburg Hbf station.

Photo by Emanuele Rava, 27-11-2010 e-mail

IC-TD_MGE.jpg (49515 bytes)

Eine IC-TD Doppeleinheit durchbricht die Nebelwand kurz nach der Durchfahrt des Bf Geltendorf im Rahmen des "verschärften" Betriebseinsatzes.

Digital photo by Armin Holm (

Schiefe_Ebene_ICE_TD.jpg (157799 bytes)

ICE TD, Schiefe Ebene
Unknown ICE class 605 climbing up the Schiefe Ebene to Marktschorgast at route km 77.6. The maximum grade is 25‰. The service life of the class 605 was rather ill-fated. The ICE TD units were plagued by technical problems from the start. After the breaking of an axle on 2 December 2002, all 20 units were grounded. Photo taken in March 2002.

Photo: Steffen Mokosch (

612-088-mt.jpg (47927 bytes)

DB Class 612 Diesel Multiple Unit.
Dieseltriebwagen 612 088-5 waits in platform 8 at Hof with train #RE20642 (07:53 to Bamberg) while ICE set 605 516-4 rests in a siding. Photo taken on Thursday September 19th, 2002.

Photo by Michael Taylor, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. (


628-427-mt.jpg (69690 bytes)

DB Class 628 Diesel Multiple Unit.
628 427-7 at Hof on Thursday September 18th, 2002.

Photo by Michael Taylor, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. (