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605520cs.jpg (80469 bytes)

An ICE-TD tilting-train, with 605 520 at the end, is waiting for departure from Nuernberg Hbf to Dresden on July 13th, 2002.

Photo by Christian Splittgerber (

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Two units of class 605 in Nürnberg Hbf, as the sun comes out after a heavy rain, before departing as ICE 1667 "August der Starke" to Chemnitz. The unit in front is closed for passengers and will be uncoupled from the train in Hof. This operation and some other irregularities led to a 28-minute delay when the train arrived in Chemnitz, but fortunately the last train of the day to Dresden was waiting. 2001-06-17.

Photo: tobias b köhler

605_502-4.jpg (93226 bytes)

605 502-4 of the DB at Nürnberg Hauptbahnhof. 14.07.2002

Digital photo by István Halász (

ice_td_1.jpg (148228 bytes)

ein 605 rangiert am 1. mai 03 im nürnberger hauptbahnhof.

Photo gideon grimmel (

612+605_Nuernberg.jpg (66215 bytes)

Meeting of tilt trains in Nürnberg: Class 612 (to Weiden) and 605 (to Chemnitz) side by side. Not visible is a class 610 unit on the track left of the 612. Class 605, 610 and 612 have completely different tilting systems, but operate on the same tracks. 2002-09-22.

Photo: tobias b köhler